Cricket.. Cricket… Cricket…

Can you hear the crickets chirping? They are telling me that it has been TOO LONG since I posted a blog. (Sorry about that…)

I could make up all these different excuses to why… But the honest truth is life here is Taiwan is A) BUSY, and B) Tons of studying.. And both of these things together equals not having as many stories to share, as well as not knowing how to communicate well.

The reality is God is on the move here in my life in Taiwan and I want to give you a little picture and update of what the Lord has for me now and into the future.

Since about the second week of being here the Lord has been showing me how SBS brings so many of my passions and desires together. And he truly has broken my heart for the need of intense Bible study for all believers today, but especially those who are going into full-time ministry. I never would have guessed that such an extreme extrovert as I am would like to spend 8-14 hours a day, 6 days a week studying the Word. But let me tell you, it is the hardest thing I have EVER done in my life, but it is the most satisfying and fulfilling season of my life as well.

As some of you already know, about a month ago I had the opportunity to come home and be in one of my best friends wedding. It was a surprise to my family and the week was the fastest best whirlwind ever. It happened to work out perfectly that her wedding fell during the exact week that I was off SBS and was required to leave the country for visa reasons. I was able to truly invest in time with my family as well as be included in all the festivities of a long-time friend as she got married. In my life and knowing my life choices I know that missing these types of events just comes with the territory. So to be able to be there was such a huge blessing and nothing I ever thought would be able to happen.

Because of this though, I wanted to let you all in on the fact that that means I am not going to be coming home for Christmas… I am going to be sending out an update letter here in the next couple weeks to explain this more… But overall what I want to let you all in on is that I am for sure going to be in Taiwan for the next two years.

Before I send out my update letter.. Would you mind taking some time and seeking the Lord with how he is calling you to partner with me in the next two years and into the future?

I am committed, as the Lord has called me to commit to YWAM Taipei for two years, to sending out a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter to keep you all up to date with how the Lord is on the move here and with prayers and praises. The monthly updates are going to be going out through e-mail and if you would like to be part of getting them please message me on Facebook with your e-mail address, or to e-mail me at

Thankful to know you are supporting me and praying for me and part of the calling that the Lord has on my life.


I will never think of the word dreadful the same again after tonight.

I was sitting at my favorite café studying this evening when the family across from me caught my eye. I interacted with them through some gestures but then went back to studying not thinking much of it. After a few moments I stood up to ask my friend Coco who was studying next to me (ish) and while I was standing there the teenage girl from that family walks up with her English book open.. Asking me…

What does this word mean? >> Pointing to the word dreadful

Well it means horrible or awful.. And then Coco adds, really bad.

This opens up her curiosity enough that she asks us what we are doing. Coco proceeds to explain how we are Bible students.

“I have heard about Jesus. But I have never read the Bible because it is so hard and confusing,” she explained.

Jesus gave me the words to respond to open her eyes to the truth that was hidden. I explained how at first the Bible can seem really scary and overwhelming because if you don’t understand why it was written and who Jesus is then its hard to comprehend. But I explained to her, that for me it took me choosing to believe in Jesus before I understood that the Bible isn’t actually scary.

She went on to explain that her friend is a Christian and her teachers have told her about Jesus and God before. I could feel that she was very interested in talking about Jesus and so we transitioned into just sharing who God is and why Jesus came and how that connects to her life. I explained that it is a free gift from Jesus and that there is nothing she can “do” in life to obtain it, but it is just a choice.

Coco had been listening and felt to share about a picture of a flower that was shut, explaining that when a flower opens it gets sun and has life and how that is like what is in Jesus when we decide to open up to him, otherwise in being shut there is death.

Her response to all of the explanation was just repeatedly saying “Wow!” and then telling us that she has been told about God and Jesus but never explained WHY he came and died.

The shock that Coco and I had in that moment was overwhelming but we pressed on.

After a few minutes more of explaining, the Lord stirred my heart to ask her if she would like to accept Jesus. She seemed excited for the opportunity, but then drew back and told us that she had wanted to become a Christian a few years earlier but when she asked her dad he had told her no, because of his unbelief (and that this choice would be going against her family).

I shared with her how Jesus and her family can work together it doesn’t have to be a choice between one or the other. Coco explained how there is a piece to respecting and honoring parents but it ultimately her choice to make. We could both tell how desirous her heart was toward the Lord and just knew God was moving.

I felt compelled in that moment to take a second and pray for her dad, because I didn’t want her to feel any fear of going against her father. I moved into a time of sharing with her after the prayer about how God wouldn’t ask an infant to run into battle but he desires to grow his children up and prepare them for battle. So the timing of sharing her faith with her family doesn’t need to be right this second, but that God will move in her life to prepare her for the time to share. We did encourage her not to deny her faith when asked, but to be wise about the when of sharing and to seek the Lord in prayer over that.

Coco shared that when we pray we hear God and that she had seen a picture of her walking on a piece of wood and being scared to fall, like she may be about her father in making this choice. She shared that God is able to catch her if she falls. So she doesn’t have to have a heart of fear.

I jumped back into talking about fear and not letting that hold her back. We joked about the fact that it showed her courage to even come talk to us about the word “dreadful” and already showed us how her curiosity was for God.

Coco had been thinking about her homework that she had just finished doing that dealt with family. She told the her that she had just written in her homework that God is to be served above family and then scrolled up on her computer to show her what she had written. She explained that this was before she had walked over to talk with us.

We continued to joke and talk about the craziness of how God was moving. We paused to ask her what she was thinking and feeling about all of this. She said she wanted to continue doing what she was doing now (meaning like currently she mostly understands/believes in God, but because she has a fear of her family/dad she couldn’t fully commit).

I remembered that one of my friends had given me two English/Chinese New Testaments to give away while in Taiwan, but I hadn’t had an opportunity thus far. So I asked her if she had a Bible, and she pointed to the computer. So I asked her if she would like one of the ones I had, but again hesitantly just pointed at the computer. So instead of pushing I just suggested that if she was interested in reading the Bible she should start with reading the Gospel of John. Because it really talks about God’s love, why Jesus came, and how it all comes together as a choice in Jesus.

Coco meanwhile had been feeling God was saying to ask her again if she wanted this. (She felt her spirit was turning and she had been praying for God to help her to do so if that was right.) She asked:

“Do you want to receive Jesus today.”


Coco wanted to make sure she understood what we were talking to her about. She asked if she believed God was real and that Jesus died and that she wasn’t perfect, that she needed Jesus. She said yes. Coco asked again if she believed this and she said yes. Coco explained how it is actually giving your life to Jesus.

I jumped in at this point and shared a picture God was giving me of how it is actually like a glass of water. It isn’t like when you give your life to Jesus your glass pours out and nothing happens, but actually Jesus fills you right back up with new and fresh water. I went on to explain to her that I wanted her to be able to pray in her native tongue, Chinese, (because obviously Coco and I don’t speak Chinese) but we would just agree with her. She timidly asked,

“But what do I pray?”

So then, not wanting to give her the words, but wanting to help her I explained some things that she could say and Coco explained as well.

We then transitioned into a time of prayer and it was a BEAUTIFUL MOMENT!

It was amazing to know that I was witnessing a child of the King being welcomed into the Kingdom. (even if I couldn’t’ understand a single thing she said in her prayer, I know she truly surrendered)

We all celebrated together for a few moments, welcoming her as a sister and sharing hugs (cause Americans like hugs). Coco felt compelled to pray again but this time over her to receive the Holy Spirit explaining he is the helper and he is the one to give peace and truth. So again we prayed. When we finished Coco asked,

“How do you feel?”

She rolled her hands in front of her body and said, “New… … … Life…”

We gained a new sister.


A “dreadful” moment turned into a glorious celebration.

Into the Wilderness

Sometimes it amazes me how God just meets us where we are at and lets us be until we figure out where he is and how he is moving. As you know from my last blog I have been having a hard time communicating to you all what is happening in my life over here in Taiwan. But I think once I released and spoke that truth out the Lord has been really meeting me.

We are currently reading Exodus. And let me tell you, this is exactly where I have been and was with the Lord. I felt like as I was studying this book I was truly following the path of the Israelites as well.

What do I mean by this? I obviously didn’t fly to Egypt and cross the Red Sea or anything…

The first three months of SBS were a blast. I felt like I was connecting with the Lord so well. Just being able to soak up all that I could from the Word and walk away still completely refreshed. But something changed when I came back from break…

It was like my first three months were like when the Israelites were in Egypt under the blessing of God during the time of Joseph. But then when I came back from break it was like when the Israelites were enslaved. I just felt like I was chained to the study system and just stuck doing the same thing over and over and over again.

So my 400 years of “slavery” only last about a month… But I didn’t understand what God was doing or where he went. I felt dry, alone, and wondering.

But a couple days ago I got to spend some time processing with the Lord about what my “Egypt” was. Because all throughout their journey in the wilderness the Israelites were longing for and always looking back to their lives in Egypt, even though they were enslaved it seemed nicer then the wilderness.

As I sat there the Lord told me that my “Egypt” was first quarter (or my first three months here).. I kept looking back and longing for how he was working in me from before and I couldn’t see that he was calling me into the wilderness.

Into the Wilderness.

I was already in the wilderness but I was so desperately trying to hold onto the past that I was missing what the Lord wanted to show me and do in me in the present.

God doesn’t promise that the journey is going to be easy. But he does promise that he will be with me.

I praise the Lord that as he helped me see where I am and to be content in the wilderness that I have been able to see him and experience him again, but this time in new ways.

Do you know that God wants to meet with you?

Are you stuck thinking God can only meet you in certain ways?

What are you looking back toward in longing for, your “Egypt”?

I challenge you, (and myself), to continually seek the Lord and let him meet you in new and different ways and different places. His main desire is to dwell with you. You just have to choose that you want that and dwell with him in return.

Is God calling you into the wilderness?

Do you trust that his leading is the best?

Are you already in the wilderness? Seek the Lord in that place.

He will lead you, even if it is on a forty year, seeming detour… He is Leading You!

The Importance of Prayer…

Sometimes on the mission field it is easy to be bad at communicating, or letting it fall off. And I have been horribly bad at that in this season.. But I don’t know what to say or how to say it.. Because truthfully I do want to communicate but what do I say and how do I say it…

I wish I could give you a glimpse into what I do everyday. But its hard to describe…

When asked about my life I feel like I don’t have a sufficient answer because I do the same thing over and over and over each day…

So what am I actually doing?

  • Three days a week we have half day class/lecture
  • Three days we have full day study days
  • And then one day Sabbath

Class days are filled with a speaker giving lecture on the book we are currently studying and then the rest of the day is self study.

Study days are filled with 10-12 hours of studying the current book. We do something called charting (which is like worksheets). Charting includes looking at the text from the perspective of the Original Readers first and then bringing it into a Timeless Truth and then applying it today.

Also included in our week is also ministry time and work duty time (for the base). For my ministry I teach a English class to 4-8 adults at a local church.

Currently, I am in the book of Exodus (having just finished Genesis) and we are finished with 28 books of the Bible already!

But the true reason I am writing this update to you (other then to actually give you an update), is because this is a call for prayer.

I know the power of prayer and especially saw its movement in the first three months of being here. But recently I have felt like something is happening (in the spiritual) and I am needing extra prayer.

First off, know that I am SO THANKFUL knowing that you are all praying for me already and supporting me greatly..

Secondly, would you in the coming months remember me even more fervently in your prayers?

If you have any words or encouragements that you want to let me know (or have more questions) please feel free to e-mail me at:

OR my address is:

YWAM – SBS – Kristin Korson

5F, No. 4, Ln. 2 Ying Zhuan Road,

Danshui District, New Taipei City,

Taiwan, ROC 251

LOVE YOU ALL! And am so THANKFUL for you!

Acts: Starbucks Conversation

No one has sat next to me in Starbucks all day. Around lunch time though, when the place started to fill up. A lady slid into the booth seat next to me. So focused on getting back to charting I fumbled to get my triangle seaweed wrap thing put together. I just wanted to quick finish lunch so I could get back to charting.

I scarf my lunch down and start back into my charts.

Softly I hear, “How many chapters are in Acts?”

It’s the lady next to me. So I pause and respond, “28”. Feeling that I need to be fully present with her I turn toward her and start a conversation. She proceeds to tell me her name is Jenny and she is a believer.

What?!? In a country of less than 2% Christians, the first lady to sit down next to me all day is a believer.

How cool God!

We are able to chat for a few more minutes and I get to hear a little bit of her story and encourage her in her faith.

When she leaves its straight back to charting for me. The work seems endless. But God continues to sustain me.

Again the table next to me is empty. From the corner of my eye I see a man looking for a table, and he notices the one next to me. He grabs three more people and head to sit down next to me. Not thinking anything of it I continue with my studies.

“Is that Acts?” the lady next to me inquires.

“’What?” runs through my head… “Again?”

As I answer her question she tells me, and now my friend Jess who has returned, that she is a Christian. The conversation just goes from there. She asks questions about us and why we are in Taiwan and in return ask about her. But then the conversation opens up to the people who are with her.

Her name is Cindy.

These are her co-workers.

For the next couple minutes we talk about their beliefs (the two men with her are Buddhist). Jess asks what Buddhism is and why they believe it and the younger of the two men doesn’t really know why he believes just that he does. I hear the Spirit whispers “Go for it”. So I start to present the truth this younger man by asking him questions and trying to engage him in a conversation about truth. Jess explains the love of the Lord and his heart for his people. And I jump in and tell him “Jesus came for you too”, just in the same way as he has come for us. His eyes tell me that I struck a chord. Something resonated. And just as its there…

It’s gone.

Fear. Panic. Has come.

The searching in his eyes is gone.

He moves away down to a different table as it opens up.

But I’m reminded that the gospel is incredibly offensive and overly gracious. That’s what I’m reading in Acts. That’s how Stephen lived. That’s how Peter lived. That’s how Paul lived. And that’s how I want to live.

So I don’t follow or pursue it any more but I know that the Lord had us encounter this man for a reason and to be able to share even a minute of truth with him is worth it.

For the next twenty or so minutes, we are able to encourage and chat with Cindy. We ask questions about being a believer in Taiwan, how she became a believer, and what her heart in sharing her faith is. It is such an encouraging time. We finish by praying over her and blessing her faith.

I will never know if he comes to believe but I will know that when the Lord gave me a moment to plant a seed in this man’s heart I did. I didn’t back down. I didn’t shy away in fear. I truly lived out my faith and was able to encourage a fellow sister in Christ and be part of sowing a seed in a searching heart.

Divine Encounters.

Divine Encounters indeed.

Constant Companion

As I was headed out on this new adventure my family prayed over me as usual.  One of their many prayers was that I would meet someone or more then one person to have a connection with on the 25 hour travel day.  It came out of a place of them knowing that I LOVE people and I LOVE talking/connecting.  So thus started my travel day. 🙂

First flight, nothin.

Second flight, nothin.

Third flight, nothin.

I had a revelation though on my second flight.  Even though the people around me weren’t talking to me I was in constant communication with my Lord.  Telling Him my fears and anxieties, my hopes and desires, my excitements and hesitations.  Just truly telling Him everything.

I was completely at peace in communion with my Father that I didn’t really even miss human interaction.

I did have the chance to talk with my airplane seat buddy for a few seconds at the end of each flight.  But during the duration it was just me and the Lord.

Hanging out with my Father, Lord and friend.

I love how God answers prayers in unexpected ways.  Instead of giving me what I thought I wanted, he gave me what I needed.


Have you had the Lord answer a prayer in an unusual way recently?  When is the last time you truly just “hung out” with the Lord?

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. 🙂